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How often do You visit museum?
 Daugavpils Regional and Art Museum is one of the oldest ones in Latgale.
The origins of the museum go to the 20s of the 20th century. The first idea of establishing
the museum came in 1925 by the poet, journalist, publisher and teacher
Arseny Formakovs.
In 1926 B.Brezhgo returned to the question about the foundation of Latgale regional
museum in Latgalian press. The basis of the museum could make the collected
archaeological and ethnographical subject collection of Daugavpils Teachers’ Institute.
In 1933 there could be viewed the art exhibition of Latgale people in Daugavpils
Teachers’ Institute, there were exhibited woodcarvings, ceramics and textiles. The
author of the exhibition was a teacher, archaeologist and professional painter Oskars
Kalejs, who was the owner of the notable collection of ceramics.
Daugavpils municipality allocated a two-storey building on Saules street 5/7 for the
establishment of the museum.