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Exposition “Nature of Daugavpils region”

The exhibition “Nature of the area” supplements the historical exhibition creating whole idea about Daugavpils area, situated in the south-east of Latvia in the valley of the river Daugava. The nature of the area is diverse, attractive and unique. Many lakes, rivers, marshes, forests, fields and their inhabitants create its unique character. The main task is to preserve this wonderful world.
In the exhibition we can see the most characteristic representatives of the flora and fauna in the Daugavpils area, and also the most widespread biotopes (plots of environment of animals, plants and microorganisms) – coniferous and mixed types of forests, overgrown lakes and their shores, the valley of the river Daugava. Many rare protected plants and animals that are included in the Red Book of Latvia are also represented here. Insects that are the oldest animals on earth are richly and diversely shown here. Among them the deer-beetle that already for more than 50 years is not met on the territory of Latvia.
Dioramas of the exhibition create animal corners’ of nature where you can see a hare, fox, beaver, marten, polecat, stoat a.o., as well as various species of birds and fish.
The exhibits acquaint us with various rarities of nature, they open many mysteries of nature and give a possibility to obtain new knowledge.
The exhibition of nature is equipped with modern equipment – microscope and binoculars with the help of witch we can see microorganisms not seen with disarmed eye.
Every organism, even the smallest one takes its place in nature and participates in natural processes, therefore it is important to get a whole notion about the world of nature.